The most romantic poem

Hey guys! 

I love reading. It’s my escape.

A week ago I came across a blog with an author talking about a movie she watched – Gloria Bell. So one scene had a couple sit and read a poem out of a book. (Side note: how romantic is that?) 

This poem made me laugh and weak at the knees. I can’t get it out of my head. So y’all should read it too. 😉

The poem is by Chilean poet Claudio Bertoni:

I’d like to be a nest if you were a little bird.

I’d like to be a scarf if you were a neck and were cold.

If you were music, I’d be an ear.

If you were water, I’d be a glass.

If you were light, I’d be an eye.

If you were a foot, I’d be a sock.

If you were the sea, I’d be a beach.

And if you were still the sea, I’d be a fish,

and I’d swim in you.

And if you were the sea, I’d be salt.

And if I were salt, you’d be lettuce,

an avocado or at least a fried egg.

And if you were a fried egg,

I’d be a piece of bread.

And if I were a piece of bread,

you’d be butter or jam.

If you were jam,

I’d be the peach in the jam.

If I were a peach,

you’d be a tree.

And if you were a tree,

I’d be your sap…

and I’d course through your arms like blood.

And if I were blood,

I’d live in your heart.

I mean! 

What poems , books or movies do you find romantic?

Love and light x

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