The Gift of a Broken Heart

“Keep breaking your heart till it opens.”


A cringe-worthy quote isn’t it? I thought so too. Something about the grief, fur-lined with fear that joy has forever escaped you. The heart sinking, stomach turning feeling like someone has used your whole as a punching bag. Tightness in your chest; and the feeling that there will be no happily ever after for you. Yup something about that feeling that makes us all give up.

Heartbreak as we know it is unpleasant. You are taken back to a time everything was normal in your world: a soulmate huh? But now all you have left is the dread sitting heavy in your lower body. Once in a while you laugh about it, it can’t be the end. Yet some nights it’s real and you drop a tear and try to sleep – holding tightly to your mouth because you don’t want to make a sound.

Such a sad introduction to an amazing realization. I’m not just a crazy girl trying to make sense of what could have been. Inadvertently we lose the opportunity to make great our pain.


\ ˈgift 
Definition of gift
 (Entry 1 of 3)
1: a notable capacity, talent, or endowment
2: something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation
3: the act, right, or power of giving

It’s not such a notable gesture at first glance. No one deserves it but the experience opens us up to something greater. If we allow it we learn a lot and it is therefore a gift in disguise.

“A wound is a place where light enters your soul.”


A broken heart firstly reminds us we are human – a quick humanity test. Humans who are capable to love wholeheartedly and selflessly care. We open up a part of us to feel something so amazing for someone. Arguably vulnerability is the core of shame and justified fear. The vulnerability which in this case was misused and resulted in a terrible emotional pain you can physically feel. However it is also the birthplace of compassion, connection, belonging and love. It is only the person you deeply love that can hurt you that much. That’s what I find interesting – its because we have loved lots and given lots.

Think about it this way – its only by opening up does the pain go away. In the same way our hearts need to be open for us to receive and take in the beauty around us. Yes, your heart was broken, but it was broken open. It has been broken open to receive and appreciate life moments, laughter and sunshine. Losing something helps us better take care of it when regained . Next time we will hold hands more often and hug a little tighter. The simplest things in life are imbued with a beauty that we sometimes notice a bit too late.

I strongly believe this deep, heavy emotional pain should be felt in every way. It teaches us to love better. It opens us up to a greater love with the right partner. When you heal the right way, a broken heart teaches you to appreciate another love. Believe it or not, it even leads us to personal growth – lifestyle, business ideas and spirituality.

Heart broken? Feel it in every way in your heart and allow it in your mind. But when you’re ready HEAL. Heal internally. Heal completely and learn from it. It only makes sense if you allow it 🙂

Love and light

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  1. I feel this depends on an individual and the society influencing the individual. For some, a heartbreak can bring about a positive outcome that can build an individual and they can take it as a learning curve while others can be shattered by the expirience to a state where they can nolonger accept anybody into theor life.

      1. Would you take back someone that broke your heart? Or is it an abomination to ever have anything to do with them again?!

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