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It’s been a while. I took some time off to figure out how I can make all this better but hey there is no better way to learn than from your own mistakes right. So I’m back at it again. Get comfortable you’re in for a couple of sweet memories. 

I’m a sucker for love stories and anything adorable so here are great reader memories— about S/O, friends, and even relatives  — that made me laugh and cry… 

“I finished my exams early and he was still at school. So I decided to go see him the Saturday after he came back. I was sick sick but I longed to see him. I went with my childhood friend and we spent the day together. I suddenly felt pain , he let me sleep on his laps. I felt safe and his laps were so comfortable I’d sleep on them all day. I had to leave (sad face) because it was late , he embraced me and made me feel safe and like a little child every time I’m sick, I yearn for his presence “ – Traley 

“..I cried when my sister left for varsity. Well my sister and I were pretty close back then, we’d hang out , do stuff together so now she was leaving me and I couldn’t hold it in so I just let my tears pour out” – Paul

“.. it was recent. Me and my two friends. We were just sitting down. Then we decided to play random instruments. So we started playing random stuff and we actually made a song. It’s was a really good song and it meant a lot to all of us. We had a good time. After that we just started talking to each other about our problems and stuff like that , having heart to heart conversations and it was really good” – Percy 

“Craziest yet the best moment of my life … I missed her dangerously but I couldn’t face her with a possible outcome of calamity. One of my idiotic friends but also amazing saw my ex and couldn’t hesitate calling her.I felt the need to run away but I couldn’t, felt as if something just held me there. So she comes out, my heart is beating like two bango drums and she smiles and I smiled back. I knew everything was gonna be just fine.I asked her if I could get hug, to my surprise she agreed and this was no ordinary hug, I don’t know how to explain it, if I could it wouldn’t be as great as I say it was.

So we took a walk and did some catching up but I had to go. Gave her a last hug, I don’t how but my own lips whispered in her ear I miss you, I thought she’d just blush and walk away but she said she missed me too, kissed her on the cheek and I said bye. As I walked away I couldn’t stop looking back, not because I was falling in love again but I just knew I wouldn’t have such a moment again like that with her.” – Talerie

“My friend.  One of the best movies I’ve watched (our favorite movie) had a couple who promised they’d always be there for each other so, Always and forever is our always.” – Paul

“..we used to watch relationship goals together and dance videos on YouTube , lol she liked black guys and I’m light” – Khali

Special thanks to everyone who sent through their memories. 

Hey it doesn’t end here, you can also tell me one or two of your best memories. Comment below or just send a message!

Love and light.


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