Miss Elite Supermodel 2020

Let me tell you a story about how a shy, socially awkward, introverted tomboy won a modeling pageant. 

Maybe I exaggerated just a little, but everyone will tell you how shy I am before I get comfortable with you. I rarely start conversations. The girl that always takes the window seat to avoid conversation – I prefer keeping to myself. So taking part in this pageant was a leap out of my comfort zone. I had to go for what I’ve always wanted. 

How did this start? I know people will tell you “I always knew it was in me” whenever asked about their journey. It was different with me.  I’d look at models on billboards or in pageants and never imagined myself doing something like that. This was not because I didn’t want to, I just believed it was for other people. My mind was already convinced somewhere out there people born for this. Who was I to even try. So I nurtured the negativity and self doubt. 

We had a mini pageant back in high school when I was thirteen. It was really small and it was just for fun. If it wasn’t the compulsory tradition for juniors to take part, you wouldn’t have seen me anywhere near the ramp. I competed and surprisingly won the Miss Dorm 1 title. Nothing big my one and only duty was to crown my successor the following year. The handwritten certificate I got then wasn’t really important but then came the realization that I enjoy doing this and I wanted to pursue modeling. 


A couple of times strangers stopped to ask if I was a model. Friends said I looked like a model and a lot of people told me to be serious about it. One person (name withheld for no reason at all) told me to audition for Miss Elite and I thought it’s not such a bad idea. When I got there I met one of the many people that had randomly asked if I was a model. 

To cut the long story short I competed for the Miss Elite Supermodel 2020 title and I won. I cannot explain how happy I was and how happy I am even to this day. At some point I wanted to write a whole post on how happy I am but I cannot put it on paper. ( just pretend you’re reading a paper 😂) 

So some people ask me what it’s all about. Elite Supermodel is a pageant that aims to prepare models for the business world through critical thinking, focus, discipline, communication and competitive skills. 

Now I am learning all I have to know and what I need to go where I see myself. I am learning to believe in myself and I see my potential. I am truly grateful for everyone who believed in me. Thank you

How are you ? We winning over here:)

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    1. What an inspiring story. We need to be taught self introspection at a younger age, this may help us understand our inner beast that needs nurturing. We are scared because we never try, we are scared because we are told the stories how difficult it is, as the water keeps on pondering on a hard rock it eventually makes a way. We need to believe in ourselves. Get your wings and keep flying high girl….

  1. Well, hey best friend. This is my first time reading your blog and Its really nice. Like I love it. Anyway anyway, I generally want to support what you wrote up there “but everyone will tell you how shy I am”
    That’s very true, I wonder how you actually act in relationships. (True story). I love you and I’m proud of your achievements. Can’t wait to see you

    1. Nothing better than your best friend supporting you. I appreciate it, it means a lot to me.I love you too sis 💕

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