I am a feminist but … let’s celebrate men.

Firstly, today the 19th of November is/was International Mens Day. So I’d like to celebrate with all the good men we still have in the world. We see you!

It comes as a surprise right? You’re not alone. Nobody knew about it. Nobody is talking about it. Men aren’t even celebrating it, they don’t know how to even celebrate or how to feel about it. My biggest shock was how Google didn’t even celebrate it the same way Women’s Day was celebrated.

Now why is a feminist talking about it? Because my feminism doesn’t want to suffocate men and forget they have basic human needs. Feminism has ceased to be a campaign for equal rights for men and women. It has become a movement seeking to step down on men and vilify all men. The feminism that considers men as the enemy

It has become toxic and ultimately men are ignored. We forget they have emotions and they have real problems. Nobody is raising awareness on how men are depressed, the increasing men’s suicide rate or celebrate their achievements. We don’t allow them to be vulnerable.

So maybe we could reevaluate the way we view men. Yes they do questionable things…trust. However should we hold all of them accountable for the patriarchy. Should we totally ignore the good men advocating for women. I’m sure we can do better for the good ones.

Happy International Men’s Day to the men out there trying to be better. We celebrate positive male role models.

We see you 🙂

Shout out to my Father. 🤍

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  1. At least there is voice out there speaking for us hahaha.
    Its true men needs to be celebrated sometimes we pretend to be strong but we need help and support.
    And prayers too.
    Thank yoy so much

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