Getting back on track!

Hey guys!

Its been over four months now without any blog post from me. You’re probably wondering what happened to the girl that had links to her blog all over her socials or maybe not. This is a personal blog, inspiration should mostly come from my life and personal experiences. Unfortunately, my own life hasn’t been that inspiring.

I have a couple of drafts, well my mind is always wandering off. Best believe I have all these ideas I want to put out there. The motivation is back and its time to do what I love. Consistency? No I’ve never been consistent but I’m working on it now.

It seems every blogger or website is talking about the pandemic. How to survive the pandemic. Life after the pandemic. Staying healthy – home workouts, eating healthy, mental health. So this is it. Stay safe people, do what you gotta do with your time – be productive or embrace this free time.

Updates! Remember that time I asked you guys to vote for me for The Best Personal Blog in the Zim Blog Awards. Yeah well we didn’t make it. Better luck next time. I’m grateful my blog was nominated in the first place. I want to thank you guys for trying and for the support. Much appreciated.

The nomination showed me that my blog could actually be something and there is no reason to stop now. I know this is more of a personal blog with random thoughts but I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you think, how can I improve, what do you want to read. The questionnaire below is an easy start. Click the START button and Lets get to know each other!

I am opening up my blog to anyone who wants to write. Got something on your mind? You can do a guest post! Just send me a message to let me know.

Love and light

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