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Disclaimer : This blog post is not meant to discredit any agency or similar businesses. This is my personal experience however if the shoe fits , wear it.

It comes as no surprise that when you think of a model the first thing that comes to your mind is “agency”. Freelancing is something I came to learn and I am still learning.

Before I began modelling I did quite the research. Trust me, I’d spend hours online reading about different types of modeling, looking for agencies and literally stalking models. After gathering up enough confidence I would reach out to models and ask about different agencies. They would selflessly help but would always remember to mention that they themselves are not signed to any agency. I should have taken the hint right?

Push yourself because, no one else is going to do it for you.

Nonetheless I naively applied to a couple of agencies. I really thought I was winning. Imagine my excitement when I actually got accepted. My gap year after high school was about to get exciting. A day or two later I was paying out all the money I had saved up and signing the contract. You are probably wondering, “Why the rush?” Here’s the deal – the proposition was an offer with limited spots and I had such limited time to sign up before the chance was gone. Talk about business strategies …

A few months down the line I still didn’t have a portfolio or any practical lessons. My money hadn’t done anything it was supposed to. How was I going to get any jobs? I had already wasted my whole year trying to get my agent to pay attention, or at least, get me a shoot so I could compile my own portfolio. Every now and again, I was asking for updates and explanations. Meanwhile, this somehow did not stop the famous top models from getting jobs. I couldn’t blame them, could I? They were the face of the agency.

First things first; you have to understand, it’s a business before anything else. This is someone’s business idea and it’s in their best interest for their business to grow. The ultimate goal for every business is to make money. Many businesses, may provide the best products for their clients but it’s for the money. Like any business they will come up with strategies that give them a hefty profit; it could be signing up models they never train or always making sure their best face gets the job.

No person is obligated to believe in you; they choose to believe in you. Sad right? Yes, definitely, but it’s true. In this case, your agency could be that person; they may only seek the best for their business. This means investing in what they believe is best. I say this after observing how many modelling agencies will only take time to grow one or two models. Admittedly, by then, these models have already made a name for themselves and the agency, therefore giving them a higher chance to simply do it again. The agency becomes more visible on the map and the newbies blindly join the ride. You have to believe in yourself. I can’t turn back the hands of time, but I have gladly learnt some lessons, and I am still learning. Ignorance is very dangerous. No one will work harder for me and my dream than I will. Instead, they will work so hard for their own dream. I might have just chosen the wrong agency – I don’t know – but what I do know is that leaving was a good decision. The shoots, the progress, and the portfolio I have made now, are proof. 

Love and light

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  1. Ohhh shame. Well that’s what they do. Not all of them but most of them. During the first days of the process of making you join. They make you believe and you see yourself on billboards whatsoever. After paying the fees. Then nothing happens… the good thing is you left. Now prove them that you can do it on your own.

  2. Wow , I’m convinced experience is indeed the best teacher. I’m glad you made the changes you had to still achieve your dream. ✨✨

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