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I low key feel bad for starting with such excitement after the sudden silence. However I’m back now and I’m excited because this piece is a conversation I had with Nyasha from The Sungazers Journal (which you should definitely check out because Nyasha has amazing content)

DISCLAIMER : This conversation was first posted on The Sungazers Journal. It is LONG but please try to just go through it. 😉


Nyasha : 😂Hello

Valeria : Hello! How are you doing ? 😂😂

Nyasha : I’m great😂 and yourself?

Valeria : I’m excited about this 😂

Nyasha : Right😂 But enough with these pleasantries people will get bored 😂 so I’ll just start

You’re a blogger, model, youtuber and that’s as far as I can tell. Which one of those if you had no choice would pick to focus all your energy on and why?

Valeria : All three are really close to my heart and a part of my heart actually breaks at the thought of not being able to do one. A decision has to be made so I’d choose modeling. This is because it is something I’ve known I want to do for a long time. At least if I focus all my energy into it I’d probably be featured on some blog or YouTube channel out there. Win!

Nyasha : Big win I’d say

Valeria : Your blog is fascinating honestly, from movie reviews to 11 on 11. What was going on through your mind when you wrote your first blog post?

Nyasha : Thank you! My first post was “the library” and I was explaining what led to me writing, why I made the blog and what would motivate me to write that particular category. At that point I didn’t have ideas or plans, I was freestyling (still am tbh) so I thought “let me be honest with the one reader that’s actually going to see this then we see how it goes”. It was the first time I had posted, I expressed myself, shared a bit about myself and sort of made a promise to myself, I was sorta excited actually.

Valeria : Oh yes! You did mention your love for literature. Do you think it is the reason why you enjoy writing aswell ( I’m assuming you do lol) If you had never gone to that school library do you think you would be writing today?

Nyasha : Its probably way up there on why I have a bit of a moment when I’m writing, I love writing. I love books, I love history I love that musty old smell, all of it just gets at me. The school library and the school. It was a nice little place and the library had this cool 60s look (the school used to be one of those cinema places so the aesthetic fit), it was my go to on a Friday for my latest fix on the Hardy Boys. Quick little story even, when I was in grade 3 we were told to write a poem. I really wanted a gold star that day so I wrote a nice little poem, handed it in and waited. When the teacher called me over she looked at me, looked at my book then looked back at me before asking if I had really written this, I told her yeah. She got up, took my book and told me to come with her when we went to another teacher, she showed her the poem and she was surprised too. The book circulated one more time before I got my gold star, and an emphatic well done. That’s when I really got into it. Still have no idea what I wrote though.

Have you also had that moment were you were doing something like writing an article, or at a shoot and just had that moment were you knew, were you got “I love this feeling” type of moment

Valeria : Woah, an unbelievably good poem in 3rd grade! Sad that you don’t remember what you wrote, I would’ve wanted to read it too. And the “I love this feeling” moment is priceless. Yes, I’ve had one of those, ‘moments’ to be precise. A year ago I had a portraiture shoot in Zimbabwe. I remember being so nervous but it’s that thrill that excites me. I ended up laughing through different poses and I knew I was ‘home’ My first shoot here was mad professional. A whole stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser. Trust me I fell in love again. Something about being around all these talented people. They put in work and they now watched their creativity put in one. You know I stood in front of the lights and camera whilst everyone in there just stared at me but inside I had no shame or any nervousness. Like I said this is something I’ve always wanted. I was happy inside and out. Loved the feeling.

I got a glimpse of a day in Naomi Campbell’s shoot day, who if given the chance, I’d totally fill in all her runway shows and shoots. Which books from the ones you’ve read would you relive and why?

Nyasha : It’s important to find that feeling, especially young. Happy for you.

I keep on repeating this and eventually people will end up throwing me to the gallows but Kane Chronicles always. I read the whole Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Roman books but when I came across the Kanes (two siblings, the girl with more white features and the brother predominantly black and they reside in Egyptian mythology). I’ve always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, in the book they do what I’ve always wanted, they travel (well run away), do a lot of archeology and history stuff, and you know mythology, magic, big fights, what more could I possibly want.

Its clear you take your modelling really seriously. Would you say that’s clear cut what you want in life, do you want to pursue other things as well and of course being zw, the conventional thing is academics and that sort of path should always come first. Would you say that’s the same for you rn?

Valeria : It is what I want in life but that’s not all. I’m interested in a lot of things to be honest. This brings conflict of interest because I’m also passionate about health sciences. Eventually I took up both modeling and academics. Admittedly academics had to be in the picture because I’m Zimbabwean but I don’t feel like it’s being forced on me. I can’t say I choose to put one first because they are different parts of my life, which if put together with everything that I do make me Valeria. What I do like to do is manage my time and plan my days so I don’t end up completely depriving a certain part of me.

Talking about different aspects of life. Do you spend all your days reading and writing? (Unless of course we’re talking about our time in the pandemic) What else makes you happy and what’s the one thing you can’t wait to when things go back to normal? The new normal at least.

Nyasha : 😂I don’t actually as much as it might look it. I have interests in things like fashion (well yeah sort of), I’m going to study law at uni, sports is a big one for me I haven’t gotten to play sports in a long while or watch a live game. I would like to try playing American Football when I get the chance I’m a fan of it. I enjoy doing a lot of things and just doing as much of it as I can when I get the opportunity, that’s what I miss the most actually, just going out into the world and doing something.

One thing I’ve learnt recently is that with doing something you’re passionate about obviously means putting your heart out there but that also kinda makes you open to the negatives like rejection, criticism, frustration. Have you ever gone through those situations and how did you manage it?

Valeria : I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was. I’m sorry I dozed off 😅

Man that’s the thing, it really means allowing yourself to be vulnerable. One of my first ever modeling castings I attended was such a horrible experience. The designer there presented his model (one who had been on the runway with his designs before), looked directly at me and said if you’re not this tall what are you doing in this room. Mind you I was way shorter and I felt he was talking to me. I was rejected so directly. I can say I understand the designer now but it pierced my heart then. I allowed myself to feel everything so that I could heal by constantly reminding myself that my worth shouldn’t be determined by someone else. At the same time I had to be real with myself, I’m way shorter than the average runway girl. This means I might not always make it to runway but I can always flourish in fashion or commercial modeling. Well now that I think about it, it’s kinda funny and makes a pretty cool success story. Essentially I managed everything by learning from it. It’s the same way I handle criticism on my blog. I first accept that we are all different people with different mindsets. Secondly I try understand the reader’s reasoning, access if there are any take aways and learn if I have to. Finally I remind myself that this shouldn’t in any way slow me down.

I’m constantly learning to unapologetically do what I love. It’s about the little things that make us happy, collecting moments and creating memories. So let’s say you’re to bury a time capsule, what would you put in it?

Nyasha : Can’t really hold you on that 😂I was out too

I guess it does make sense in the wider view if things when we go along. The amount of times I’ve been rejected for 11 on 11s is kinda funny as well😂😂 but that’s part of it isn’t it.

There’s this really old picture somewhere in the house, the sun was setting and there was tiny me on the boot of an old mazda 323 and my pops was there kinda making sure I don’t fall over. Seems like a good reminder not to get too ahead of myself just as well as how far I’ve come so I would put that in.

I’m having a great time here but I must give you my final question (sigh). I guess we all have goals to chase and wins to be had which you could easily write down in a list, but if you could describe the moment you would make your greatest achievement what would you want it to look like?

Valeria : Go ahead and drop a hard question 😂😂 Okay this actually made me sit down. The more I think about it the more I struggle to limit my greatest achievement to a moment. Rather I see it as a process and finally as a victory I’ll live through. I’m seeing myself happy and content knowing I’ve pursued my dreams and taken every opportunity. I have used my God given gifts for his glory and to bless other people. Having done everything in my best capacity I’ll look back and say I have no regrets. Success in every aspect of my life, that would be my greatest achievement.

Nyasha : I felt I had to😂 Great answer too yeah

Thank you so much Valeria for taking the time to talk with me on whatever I end up naming this😂. You’ve been wonderful and it’s been the best fun…. Oh and congratulations! For those who don’t know I’ve been talking to an award winning blogger so, BIG WIN😂

Valeria : My pleasure 🙏🏽Thank you for having me. This was fun.😂


Nyasha : Thank you😇


This is the end of my conversation with Nyasha. I hope you liked it and please do check out his blog. I’m working on collaborating with more people so feel free to HMU

Love and light

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  1. Hey Val, I’m a new blogger myself and it was actually after i read your review of the fault in our stars that I thought about starting my own blog. Keep up the good work

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