A letter to the kind reader

Dear Reader

I write to you from my own version of Cloud 9, which is a terribly cold room I’m now waiting to warm up as I listen to Ckay. Nonetheless it will not stop me from updating you on my recent endeavors as I sip on this coffee.

As you may or may not know, although I have to say, its highly unlikely because I did excessively post about it across all my social media, maybe too much. Okay, I was nominated for the Afrobloggers Awards 2020 under Personal Blog Category. Following this, it is with great joy I announce that my blog, this blog, WON the Award!

I can finally introduce myself as an ‘Award-winning Blogger’ and it sure does look good in my social media bio 🙂 We did it dear reader. I’m truly grateful for all the support and even though it might not seem like it; this is a personal ‘Thank you’ from me to you.

The past two weeks have been excitingly busy and not just because of the voting but I had such a wonderful collaboration with Nyasha from The Sungazers Journal. He has his 11 on 11 segment were ‘guests give 11 answers for 11 deep and insightful questions’. You can check it out here (when you’re done here of course). That was quite an experience so I ended up having another conversation with Nyasha. This you definitely want to have a read because evidently Nyasha is amazing and I learnt a few things about myself. So here you go 🙂

Dear reader I also bring exciting news – my blog was nominated for the #ZimBlogAwards under Personal blog. I’m thrilled because this is my second time being nominated for this particular award. Now it was an honor receiving the Afrobloggers Award, I’d be humbled and overjoyed to bag this one too. This is the reason why I’m asking you to vote for me here.

Finally I pray you are well emotionally, spiritually and physically. Stay winning (we are over here lol) Stay safe and don’t forget to pray

Love and light x

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